Hack The Box Swag Travels The World 🌍

Hack The Box Swag Travels The World 🌍

HTB Swag Travels The World 🌍

After a popular community request within the Hack The Box platform, we launched the Official HTB Swag Store back in July 2019.

Since then, we have been shipping HTB swag to the entire globe, from Canada and Brazil all the way to India and Australia. Hacking swag for hardcore hackers: t-shirts, hoodies, lanyards, stickers, socks and our latest swag store addition, baseball caps! 

Today we are hosting a special contest across all our social media, check out the contest on Facebook.
Comment below the social media post a photo of how you've styled your HTB SWAG and the country you took the photo and 1 Lucky Winner will receive a 50£ SWAG CARD!
Contest Rules:
✅  One comment from all our social media will be selected via a draw.
✅  Every comment with an #HTB SWAG Photo counts as chance to enter the contest.
✅  The contest ends on Sunday 28 June 2020 23:59 UTC.
✅  The winner will be announced on Monday 29 June with a comment under each social media post. 
Thank you for being AWESOME 😎 
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