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Business CTF 2024 Cable Kit

Business CTF 2024 Cable Kit

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Stay connected and prepared for any challenge with our Business CTF 2024 cable kit.

Packed with essential cables and adapters, this kit ensures that you're equipped to overcome any technological hurdle in your quest for knowledge. 

From hacking into secure systems to powering up vital equipment, these cables are your lifeline in the unforgiving wasteland.

Embrace the spirit of ingenuity and resourcefulness as you navigate the treacherous terrain and unlock the secrets of the Vault of Hope Awaits.

Product Details: 

  • The cable offers multiple charging solutions: Type-C and USB-A input, and Type-C/iOS/micro USB output.
  • The cable has a maximum output power of 2A.
  • Features an eject pin that comes in handy anytime you need to take out your phone’s SIM card.
  • The storage box also has room to store a micro SD memory card as well as a nano SIM card, making this the perfect travel accessory.
  • Supplied in a 100% recycled kraft paper envelope.
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