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Limited Edition Stickers | Cyber Apocalypse 2022

Limited Edition Stickers | Cyber Apocalypse 2022

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During Cyber Apocalypse 2022 you joined the most epic Intergalactic Chase and you helped the loveable group of misfits save the galaxy! Luckily, you won't have to say goodbye to them forever...

A Limited Edition Sticker Sheet is here to make your laptop infinite times cooler! 

Each sheet includes: 
1x Cyber Apocalypse logo sticker
1x Ulysses Sticker
1x Miyuki Sticker
1x Virgil Sticker
1x Bonnie Sticker
1x Paulie Sticker
1x Ramona Sticker
1x Draeger Sticker
1x Klaus Sticker

Dimensions: 5.8" x 8.3"
🌧 Thick, durable vinyl protects your sticker sheets from scratching, rain & sunlight.

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